3 Easy Steps To Make Homemade Rosin Dabs Revealed!

Rosin Dabs
Source: New River Seed Company

Making homemade dabs can be easy as long as these 3 simple steps are followed. If you are a dabbing enthusiast, it’s certainly a time to rejoice as rosin makes it so easy to help you become a part of the extract community. The unique solvent less extraction technique enables almost anyone to extract quality hash oil at home. But before we go ahead and reveal the 3 easy steps to make rosin dabs at home, let’s discuss what rosin is and why its popularity is expected to rise

What is Rosin?

Rosin is basically an extraction process which combines the effects of heat and pressure to squeeze out resinous sap from the buds. This term was initially coined to method of making lubricants for the violin bows. This method to extract cannabis is highly versatile as flowers can be used to clean up the kief and hash. What results is a sappy and translucent shatter like substance. When executed properly, rosin can rival the potency, flavor and output of other solvent-based products.

What Makes This Extraction Process So Popular?

The biggest reason behind the new-found popularity of rosin is that it is a solventless technique, which means the technique does not use any foreign substances. It instead uses a mechanical process that involves pressure and heat to get resin from the plant. There are some other psilocybin extraction methods that use light hydrocarbons such as propane and/or butane. These intricate systems often need a lengthy purge in order to safely remove most of the residual solvents from final product.

Rosin can be extracted with just pressure and heat. It requires no extra cleaning, so the final product is derived easily within minutes. If you compare rosin with butane hash oil, you will be surprised by the unbelievable similarity between the two. 

When extracted properly, rosin retains valuable terpenes need for the authentic flavor and aroma. Lab tests have revealed that it never contains any residual hydrocarbon. So, when using this process, you get shatter without any solvents. 

Steps For Extracting Homemade Rosin At Home

Now, let’s discuss the steps using which you can extract you own homemade rosin using some simple tools like hair straightener, parchment paper and heat resistant gloves.  You will need cannabis flowers, bubble hash, or kief as the starting material to extract rosin. 

  • Step 1: Set your hair straightener to the lowest temperature, about 280-330F and cut a piece of parchment paper (size 4×4”). Fold the paper in half and place the flowers in between. Now, use your fingers to give it a slight push. 
  • Step 2: Take the hair straightener and use it to firmly press the buds placed inside the parchment paper, for about 3-7 seconds.  When you hear a ‘sizzling’ sound, remove the pressure. You will see that the resin has melted from all that pressure. 
  • Step 3: Remove the resin from the hot surface and carefully unfold the paper. Now pick the flattened nug using a collection tool. This is a pretty sticky method so be patient and careful while doing it. When extracting rosin dabs from large batches of cannabis flowers and buds, make sure to use different parchment papers.  Use a clean tool from ItsPrimo to remove any plant materials form the resin and you may place it in a cold substance to get a more stable material. 

After you have obtained the extracts, take nice fat rosin dabs from the collection and celebrate on becoming an extract artist at home.